Growth Track

Growth Track is a series of three classes that we have developed with you in mind. We want you to find your purpose, to find the unique you. Life won't make sense until you discover who  you were created to be and what you were created to do. 

We want to help you fan into flames the gifts that God has placed inside of you and help guide you along the path to discovering what is inside of you.  

It's time to get plugged into ministry. It's time to connect with people who are like-minded and to redefine your life.

Growth Track is held on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in the Rhema Center (on the other side of Brothers Bar-B-Que). Classes are held several times throughout the year. We will notify you regarding the dates of the next series of classes.

Podcasts and Livestreamed Services

You are able to listen to our podcasts through your device's podcast app as well as watch us live on Facebook or our website!

Next Steps
Getting Plugged In
Growing through Volunteering

As a servant of Jesus Christ, volunteering can be an exciting journey. As Jesus deployed the disciples prior to His ascension, the disciples were enthusiastic, fulfilled, passionate, and committed to their destiny of completing the “Great Commission.” As modern disciples, we should mirror those same attributes in our actions.

In Romans 12, the Word speaks of us as being many members in One body in Christ, having different gifts and using those gifts for Christ’s edification. Being kind and affectionate with brotherly love towards one another, not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.


Volunteers are a necessity for the Kingdom of God to completely develop and fulfill the needs of believers and non-believers. Serving a congregation of hundreds plus their extended families, as well as reaching out to the non-believers, is an exciting and tremendous task. It is the responsibility of believers to use the resources given us to care for our church home, our fellow brothers & sisters, and those ministries that reach out to the lost.


When searching for God’s purpose in your life, volunteering fulfills a yearning to please and serve God. In turn, your spiritual gifts become exposed and God’s Plan is revealed. We like to think of volunteering as exercising! The more you exercise, the stronger you get. You have more energy! You’re enthusiastic! You’re seeing results because of your hard work! In this same way, volunteering steers you in the direction of bearing more spiritual fruit. The more you serve God, the more Joy, Love, Peace, Goodness, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness, Self-control…. develops within you, in turn, drawing you deeper and more in tune with God’s plan and desires for you. A deeper intimacy with God transpires as you reach out and work to serve others for His Glory. You find yourself looking for the next opportunity to reach out to those in need.


You develop an encouragement when interacting with other believers. Volunteering serves as more than just a catalyst for helping in the time of need. Working for the Lord encourages community between fellow believers. It allows us the opportunity to get into the environment and get plugged in. Relationships are developed, stability attained; the overwhelming need to obtain a sense of belonging is satisfied, as we become more-and-more a part of the ‘big picture’ in the Kingdom of God.


So glad you asked – start small – choose a project or ministry that interests you and commit to one time a month or a specific need. It may be one Sunday a month in the Nursery – Greeting visitors one Wednesday a month – Volunteering two (2) hours during one of our outreach events (Easter Egg Hunt / Veteran’s Celebration / Fall Festival) – these are all just a few things that can get you started on your journey!!! As you sacrifice yourself and your time, you will find that God will ‘fill your cup’ and it will abound and overflow with His blessings. All you have to do is give Him your trust and let Him lead!! You have only to ask...

Contact: Pastor Andrew Harris

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